Resolutions, or, The Story of No.

"No, Frank.   No.   You're going to have to make your own biscuits-and-gravy.   I'm going to the mall."

Here we are, December 31st.    The wheel of the year has turned, and now we have come to this:  Every time I turn on the television, or use any electronic device, there is a sales pitch lying in wait to ambush me.    An army of 'voices', demanding to know what steps I intend to take to make myself a better faster smarter human being.   Fast on the heels of this barrage, comes the certain and useful information that "for a limited time", the items or services I will need to make myself a better faster smarter human, is on sale right now, but for a limited time.    Look out, those prices won't last forever!

I have one New Year's Resolution I make every year.    It is the same one I have made every year since the dawn of 1992, back in the days when I thought that saying 'no' to people would make me a bad person.    It was a resolution, made in the most desperate moment of exasperation - and it served me well.    So well, in fact, that it is the only resolution I have ever consistently kept, throughout the year, every year, ever since.

My resolution was this:

 No More Charitable Impulses.**

Let me just let you take a moment, and soak up all the delicious implications of this.    This resolution will change your life.     Just saying "NO" will give you many nights of deliciously peaceful slumber, that you never dreamed possible.

Don't judge yet.   Think on it now.   Thank me later.

** of course, I'm not talking about doing loving, caring things for the people you love, or at least have a good deal of empathy for.    I'm talking about cutting off the whiny bloodsucking leeches who always want to take, take, take, and then complain, and never give back.

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