A Fool's Errands

Leotard & tights, pants over that, vintage jacket from Paris, and my favorite Kelsie Dagger boots.   Ready for the ballet class that didn't happen.   Don't you fret none about that bag of trash in the background - I took it down.

Just a few highlights of my day...

My day began with the same headache I went to bed with last night.   It has been trying very hard to become a full-blown migraine, but I keep throwing caffeine and advil at it, and it retreats for awhile to sulk in a corner somewhere, before it comes tiptoeing back.

It doesn't help that I went to Marshall's and sniffed candles.   I brought home a Calvin Klein candle, "bitter vineyard", that is a very pungent, spicy grape.    Yummy.    But I messed up on the reed oil diffused and bought Calvin Klein "Dark Mahogany".   I know, I know.... in print, those names look a lot alike.    In ordinary circumstances this scent would be quite delicious, but it is feeding my almost-migraine and making it grow bigger-faster-stronger.    It has been banished to the exile-room of my condo - the room I light-heartedly refer to as my "Hoarders" room.

Anyway, back to this morning.   I had half-a-dozen debates with myself about going to a ballet class at Highly-Reputable-Ballet-School-Whose-Real-Name-I-Won't-Mention-Here.   It is a beginner-level class, followed by intro to pointe.   The debate was that my head was hurting, but I reasoned with myself that it was a beginner class.   I could get through a beginner class, and if I wasn't up for pointe after, I didn't have to stay.    So I got my things together, threw on a coat and hat...

The hat belonged to William Wilkinson, my great-grandfather Cuthbert's brother, who emigrated to Canada and became a Royal Mountie...

With the hat, my outfit made me think of the Russian Dance from The Nutcracker, so I decided to get crazy with some color...

So I schlepped five blocks to my car, spend an extra ten minutes walking through several floors of the garage, because my car was in a distinctly different spot from where I distinctly recalled parking it.    So I kept pressing the 'lock' button on my car and listening for the horn, like a mother penguin calling to her baby.  

Which is why, as a matter of note, I call my car, "Baby Penguin".

So I got all the way over to the studio... to find it closed.   Until January 7th.    Thanks, guys, for mentioning that on your website.   Oh wait... you didn't...

So it was up to my place, in the 'burbs north of Atlanta.   Got my hair did on a drive-by whim, and it's cute.   Well... it was cute.  The stylist blew it out straight and flat-ironed it.   I let him, although I'm not keen on straight hair on me.   Ten hours later, it's limp and flat and totally not me.    Picked up some good tips on doing my own color, though.

I drove past the dance studio by my house, thinking if I could keep my headache at bay, I might go to a class there.   But there is a sign posted in the window, that they are closed all this week.    Thanks, guys, for mentioning that on your website.   Oh wait... you didn't...

I often wonder how certain people manage to stay in business.

I had intended to do a few more errands, but the dwarves inside my skull started mining for gems, with their sharp little pickaxes, behind my right eye, so I made a quick food run to Kroger, and came home.   Brief nap, won another pair of Wolfords on eBay (brown, with a diamond sort of fishnet pattern), and listed a  Michael Kors suit for sale on eBay.    Here it is:

It is a size 4, but would also fit a size 6.   I hate to give it up, but as I am a 2-4, I look like Charlie Chaplin when I wear it.    It is a gorgeous, clear red color.   If I ever find it in a 0-2, I will probably buy it.

So that was my day today.   I am headed to bed a bit early, to relax, unwind, and hopefully banish the migraine-monster for good.

Also, on an entirely different side note - I plugged in one of those new 'pest repellent' electronic ultrasound devices that Mom (aka Optimus Hoarder) got me for Christmas.    An hour later, I walked into my kitchen to find a palmetto bug sitting on the counter underneath it.

Sadly, I did not get a picture.    I stayed surprisingly calm, and did not do my usual OMG THERE IS A BIG FREAKIN' SPIDER/PALMETTO BUG/THING WITH LOTS OF LEGS dance that I would normally do.    Must be the headache mellowing me out.

I think I am going to have to lift my self-imposed moratorium on harsh chemical insecticides and get the Cooks people in here.


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