These Boots Were Made for Walking...

"Ja, Sie sind sehr ungezogen. Sie müssen bestraft werden.".    Seriously, I don't know what that expression is on my face.   I don't know what I was thinking when I snapped that picture.   

So, in accordance with my New Year's Resolution to wear all of my shoes at least once this year, here are my thigh-high boots from Topshop last winter in London.    I don't think they are real leather, however, they are shockingly comfortable.    The insoles could use a little more cushioning, but overall, I have no complaints!    I walked five blocks to the parking garage, I drove in these things today, I climbed four flights of stairs to get to my car, and I climbed four flights back down those garage stairs, and the five blocks home.    And my feet felt pretty good!   

I was very pleased with this outfit, but unfortunately, had to change out of it while cooking, due to an unfortunate chipotle sauce-making fiasco.   If anyone has any tips about how to get yellow dijon mustard out of a teal-blue skirt, by all means... share....

"Coffee or tea?"   I look like I belong on a now-cancelled, retro-themed show about flight attendants.   Flight attendants in KILLER BOOTS.    Those boots were totally worth the aggravation of having to listen to JC grouse and grumble,when we had to buy an extra suitcase and drag it around London and Paris last winter.   Totally.

Sweater:   Banana Republic    Skirt:   Top Shop    Belt:   Target   Scarf: Balmain   Tights:   Assets by Spanx   
Boots:  Topshop


Pret a Porter P at: January 18, 2014 at 11:37 PM said...

try the "Magic Wand" to get out the stain. It looks like a glue stick, they sell at jo ann fabrics.

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