Highlights of yesterday...

Woke up with the same headache from the day before, so I went for easy, in my clothing choices...

I bought this dress 15 years ago... and never wore it... until yesterday.    Shoes are BCBG Paris (old).    The dress is super-comfy, and forgiving of a multitude of sins.   I am going to have it taken in at the waist, though.

 This is the email I sent to JC around 2:30pm...

I plan to leave here around 3:15, swing by CVS, then home.    I didn't get to list as many eBay things as originally planned.   Instead... well... suffice to say that the palmetto bugs might be coming in the front door, but they have been LIVING and PARTYING IT UP in the lower cabinets on either side of the dishwasher.   I emptied out everything, threw away lots of spices and cleaning stuff, vacuumed, scrubbed, and SPRAYED THE LIVING HELL OUT OF EVERYTHING.

Those little bastards.   I'm going to win.   WHY ARE THEY HERE?    I don't have food out!!!

Quit laughing.


Little did I know, when I took this picture, that I would be going on a crazy kitchen-cleaning rampage... or I would have worn overalls.

Just to clarify, I am pretty fastidious about my kitchen.   If you dropped a piece of candy on the floor, not only could you invoke the 3-Second Rule... you could safely pick it up and eat it after 7 or 8.

However... the night before, I had spotted a palmetto bug hanging out on the kitchen counter - right underneath one of these - a gadget that is supposed to repel him...

Bell + Howell Ultrasonic Pest Repeller

Well, yesterday morning, I found evidence under my sink that prompted the above email.   Turns out my little friend has probably been squatting for the entire five weeks of Thanksgiving-to-New Years'... during which I made infrequent drop-ins to make sure the heat was working and to pick up clothes.

So I gritted my teeth, rolled up my sleeves, hauled out the cleaning supplies and bug spray, and started emptying the cabinets.

There wasn't any food to 'get at' (everything at my place is canned, or in the fridge), but I did throw away a lot of expired spices,  and condiments.   And I found this... it was a gift from Terry.   Terry is my godmother's brother, and one of my mom's best friends.   

He is pure evil, and I aspire to be just like him.

What could this be, I wonder??
Oh, that Terry!   He always knows what we need...

Hmmm.    There is nothing I can say to improve upon this.

So three very heavy garbage bags, and a whole lotta spray bottles later, the 'party' cabinets on either side of the dishwasher are clean, pristine, and stink to high heaven of chemical reactions.

If that little bastard survives, I will have to call in the S.W.A.T. team.

Or else suck it up and name him.

Or keep a rolled-up newspaper handy.

So I never did get rid of the headache.   I drove back downtown to JC's, hauled my tired cookies upstairs, and then found out...


 Okay, so they are new to me - I bought them pre-owned from eBay.   Ron Ron in black haircalf, with lizard heels.   I don't think they are fakes, because they came from a well-established, highly reputable seller - but there are signs of repair around the right toe - which can be seen in this photo.

I don't care.   The only way someone would see that is if they were paying me to walk on them with those stilettos, and so far, nobody has contacted me wanting to pay me to walk on them with stiletto heels, so...

I think it's a safe bet that nobody is going to notice a minor repair on the shoe.

These are so pretty, I wore them all evening, walking back and forth from the living room to the bedroom...

My first Louboutins!   I feel like Tom Hanks, when he made it into the Five Timers' Club...


The Style Crone at: January 8, 2013 at 11:00 PM said...

Gorgeous shoes! They deserve to be worn all evening.

La Belle Demimondaine at: January 9, 2013 at 10:25 AM said...

Thanks for stopping by! Yes, those shoes make me giggly and silly. When it stops looking like rain outside, I will be wearing them quite a lot!

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