Yup. I got it at Goodwill.

I started shopping at the local Goodwill last year, when I needed to find props and costume pieces for a show.   Since then, I have found so many fantastic things at this particular GW, it's just ridiculous.   And I admit it, this GW has become my treasure-hunting habit.   

Last week, I was looking through racks of dresses, when I noted a full-length, one-shoulder BCBG maxi dress.   I considered it for a moment, then shrugged, and kept going.   Two days later, this post appeared on one of my favorite blogs, Sisters in Black Frocks.

So of course, all I could think about was going back to see if the dress was still there.    I stopped by this morning because I needed a costume piece for my acting class, and lo!   The dress was still there.   And it is mine, precious, mine.

Let me take a moment and point out the obvious:  I take selfies.   Sure, I could wait for JC to get home, and dig out his posh camera with the four-figure lens, and then have him tell me to just wander around, and then tell me I'm too stiff.   Or, for a fraction of the time and quality, you can get the general idea with one of my blurred selfies.

Also, wow.   I need to go over the mirrors again.   I swear, I just did them in, like, January.   Yeesh.

The dress is a thin jersey, and in person, doesn't look nearly so formal.   I need to have the top taken in, the length shortened, and I also need to wear a strapless bra (I tried to cleverly hide the bra strap with my hair).

Also, I need to get off my can, diet down, and get rid of the last two weeks of post-show self-indulgent laziness.   I have a wedding to attend in two weeks, and there is a pale pink vintage Versace dress that I am determined is going to fit over my ass.

Blurred.   I have a shaky trigger finger.  But you get the idea.

Speaking of Goodwill treasures, here is a purse I found there last week.   $15.91, and in pristine condition.   Normally, I am not a fan of Coach, at all.   In North Georgia, every woman my mother's age is walking around with a metallic jacquard logo bag, and it's usually accompanied by bad footwear, and too-long toenails painted some obnoxious color that shouldn't be allowed outside South Florida.  

Maybe it's the old Italian woman of my soul, but I saw this bag and really really really liked it.   The lens really picked up the logo, but in person it is far more subtle.   And the detailing on this bag is beautiful.

Four Closets, Three Armoires, Two Condos.... and One Hoarder Room.


Now that WONDERLAND has wrapped, my music room looks like an episode of "Hoarders" - at about the 25-minute mark.   You can see parts of the floor, but the amount of stuff left is still horrifying....
We had to do an unexpected fast load-out of the show right after our closing performance (we got everything except the backdrop and furniture loaded into cars in about 30 minutes), and all of it - ALL OF IT - is at my place.   Costumes, accessories, wigs, props, furniture, backdrop.

And like the Cat in the Hat, what started out as a small pink bathtub ring, is rapidly becoming pink snow EVERYWHERE.

Here is what I hope to get done in the next month:
  • Set pieces, furniture, and props are going to a storage 'facility' (friend's garage)
  • Costumes and accessories laundered, sorted, and catalogued
  • Costumes and accessories from previous shows need to be sorted and catalogued
  • I need to finish listing a bunch of clothing and DVDs on eBay.
  • I am still culling clothing from my existing wardrobe.

All of this is taking place across four closets, three armoires, and two condos....

The armoire contains lingerie and undergarments, my swimwear capsule, dance and loungewear, some of JC's things, belts, packaged hosiery, and my jewelry box.

I tossed out all undergarments that didn't fit, or were faded or worn-looking.  It has been a fun week, wearing all my pretty things.

Having finished with the armoire, I tackled the closet.  It now contains my fall and winter wardrobe, a few seasonless pieces, plus hanging lingerie pieces.     The bulk of my summer wardrobe is at JC's, because I spend the bulk of my time there.

The wallpaper inside the closet is a little bit of awful, but I ascribe to The Donald's philosophy that a renter should not put money into someone else's property.   I would rather have the ivy leaves and put my money towards other things. 

I am waiting for the right occasion for that rubber chicken purse.

Once I got these shoes out of the boxes, (last week), I have worn a different pair nearly every day.   Out of sight, out of mind.   I have since unearthed a pair of Givenchy booties, and some other boots (they were hidden away at the boyfriend's).   I don't expect I will wear them until late September.   It is too hot in Atlanta.

One armoire + two of these hanging sorters replaces a huge dresser and tallboy the ex took in the divorce.   

I let JC park a couple pairs of his sneakers.

I am amazed at just how much fits in this closet.

I included this photo, because those two hat boxes contain stockings and tights, sorted by special occasion, versus everyday.

I still own a lot of clothing and shoes.   Too many clothes and shoes - but I love them all.   I culled a lot of stuff, but I did sneak a few items back in.  Once I finish the greater task of getting all the theatre stuff catalogued and squared away, I am going to return to this closet, and start curating like a boss.


And here is your special bonus look at my Hoarders room.   The yoga mat was not actually part of the show process, nor was my flamenco skirt, crumpled up in the foreground.


Yes, yes, yes... I know....

It has been a very long time since I have written anything - here.   Believe me when I say I have written about two hundred posts for this blog... in my head.

So what have I been doing since my last post?   Theatre, theatre, and more theatre!   Calo' Theatre, to be precise!   We (Malita and I) have written, choreographed, and produced three full-length original musical shows in the span of two years.   This is a rehearsal photo of our latest, WONDERLAND, which premiered May 17.   It is a flamenco adapation of "Alice's Adventures in Wonderland", and "Through the Looking Glass".   Our website is somewhat under construction at the moment, as yours truly, the non-techie, figures out how to make changes and additions to a real website.    So for now, I will be posting additional photos on our blogger site.

The show is concluded, but we plan to re-stage it next year.   This show really has been a pivotal point in our company's development - and personally, it has been a dream come true!
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