Celestial Cavalli

I bought this Roberto Cavalli skirt several years ago on eBay and never wore it. I kept saying I was going to have it shortened - but never did.   And I never could figure out what to wear with it, that didn't make it even more over-the-top than it already is.

Brown denim, with a celestial print.

And a little mermaid-pleat

It has loveliest pale aqua-green and ivory-white nebulae, gold stars and script, gold hardware, and leather zipper pulls

The pattern makes me think of The Golden Compass, or Sting's The Soul Cages

For the past several years, I have vacillated between selling it, and keeping it.   I could not bring myself to sell it.  I love the cut of the skirt, and I LOVE the print. Oh I do love me a celestial print! 

I finally decided that it was ridiculous to keep this skirt, when I could sell it and use the money for something else.   So a few weeks ago, I took pictures and wrote the listing for an eBay auction.   I had it all done, and previewed the listing...

And I thought, "Nope. I'm going to get it shortened, and I am keeping it.... and I am going to wear it if it kills me!"
I took it to my seamstress last week and asked her to shorten it, and she refused. She thought I should leave it as-is, so I did.

Yesterday, finally, I wore this skirt. My happiness factor - like the pattern on the skirt - was out of this world!

I am SO glad I didn't shorten it!

The rest is not fancy or high-end:  Gianni Bini bag (thrifted), Limited Cropped Sweater (thrifted), Nine West pumps, Guess Sunglasses, Rose-gold watch (gift).  The hat is from a boutique in the Blue Ridge Mountains.   And my trusty pearl studs, bought in Tokyo.

I now have a few Cavalli pieces in my wardrobe (all hunted down relentlessly on eBay), and they are all like this - sexy, quirky, imaginative, over-the-top. This is definitely a brand I can get behind!


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