A Recent Date Night Outfit

I wore this recently, to a party with the BF.   It may be a little over-the-top, but it was COLD outside - at least, cold in my opinion. I always run a little cold.    My apologies for the low-rez, yellow quality of the photo.   I snapped it in a hurry while I was waiting for the BF to get the car.

With the exception of the tights, skirt, gloves, undergarments, and the earrings (which you can't see here, but are small pearl studs), most of this outfit was thrifted:  shoes, bag, scarf, hat, blouse (which you can't see, but is beautiful black lace) AND the black suede moto. 

With the exception of the boots and the gloves, I paid less than $6 per item. 

With the exception of the blouse and the gloves, which are vintage, every one of these items was either new with the tags still on, or in pristine, impeccable condition.

What does this say about our society, I wonder, that we buy and discard clothing items and shoes so quickly?

I am not complaining! 

Just noting.

(Please ignore the mess in the background.   We had our student dance show earlier that day and I threw down everything when I got home).

I'll Take the Mink.

"The things a girl will do for a mink coat." ~Elizabeth Lane

I hope you all had a wonderful Thanksgiving Weekend!   Mine was, as always, a mixed bag of delicious food,  shameless binging, lots of laughs, watching holiday movies, dodging invites to swing by Wal-Mart on Thanksgiving night (HELL NO), and, as always, a minty hint of family drama.

For the most part, I ignored the Black Friday sales.   I am very happy with my wardrobe right now.   My thought is that if something comes along that is well within my budget, useful, will see a lot of wear, and is unique (i.e., not a wardrobe repeater), I will consider pulling the trigger.   But for the moment, I would rather put my money towards dance classes and a new pair of pro flamenco shoes.    

This year, I have noticed something new - at least, new to me:   many of these Black Friday/Cyber Monday deals are final sale.   What the whaaaaat?  And a lot of the sales inventory seems to be the summer crap that retailers have been unable to unload.   Very disappointing.   (Schutz, I am looking at YOU).

I did go to Sephora.   I always swing by Sephora on Thanksgiving Weekend, because my birthday falls around that time.   So I get my free gift, and I stock up on whatever I am low on, or want to try out.  Otherwise, I've mostly stayed out of the stores.    

While I was at the mall, I popped into Macy's.  I had a coupon and some birthday money burning a hole in my pocket.  A dear friend of mine always finds the nicest things there, and her style is very similar to mine, so I thought I would have a look. I found myself very tempted by a beautiful black military-style blazer.   With the store discount, plus my coupon, it would have come to around $60.   Ring-a-ding-ding!   

Then I tried it on and saw that the buttons were sewn on crookedly.   I just stood there and laughed at my reflection, while considering that I own at least six black jackets, coats, blazers.   At least.   (Wait.   Mentally counting now.   Five blazers.   Four coats.   Two jackets.   Not six, but eleven.   This, without even getting up out of my chair to go look.  There are probably more in the closet. )   Yeah.   I didn't need this blazer.  I put it back. 

I wound up visiting one of my favorite small consignment shops - Cici's Twice Nice in Dunnellon.   I spent my $60 on a lovely champagne-colored mink jacket.   I have wanted a mink since the first time I ever saw "Christmas in Connecticut".    Ahhhh.... Barbra Stanwyck.  I love her.

I also bought a  beautiful black leather Furla bag.   Both  are in mint condition.   I am already using the bag, but of course, when we got back to Atlanta on Saturday, the temperatures were in the upper 60's.   I will just have to be patient and trust that eventually, Atlanta will become ridiculously cold again.

So yeah.   Black repeater jacket, or glam mink jacket?   I'll take the mink.

I am headed back to Dunnellon at Christmas, and I plan to swing by Cici's again.   I have my eye on a pair of vintage, heeled boots in oxblood leather, that fit my calves like a glove, but they were priced a little high, and need some TLC.   If they are still there in a few more weeks, I will make an offer.   That's the beauty of small second-hand shops - you can often bargain with great success.  

Overall, I felt very good about this weekend, about my mindset, and my purchases.   I feel like I have entered into a healthier relationship with shopping these last several months.   It is a nice feeling to look in my closet and see lovely things that are useful, and being used.

So how was your holiday weekend? 

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