A Recent Date Night Outfit

I wore this recently, to a party with the BF.   It may be a little over-the-top, but it was COLD outside - at least, cold in my opinion. I always run a little cold.    My apologies for the low-rez, yellow quality of the photo.   I snapped it in a hurry while I was waiting for the BF to get the car.

With the exception of the tights, skirt, gloves, undergarments, and the earrings (which you can't see here, but are small pearl studs), most of this outfit was thrifted:  shoes, bag, scarf, hat, blouse (which you can't see, but is beautiful black lace) AND the black suede moto. 

With the exception of the boots and the gloves, I paid less than $6 per item. 

With the exception of the blouse and the gloves, which are vintage, every one of these items was either new with the tags still on, or in pristine, impeccable condition.

What does this say about our society, I wonder, that we buy and discard clothing items and shoes so quickly?

I am not complaining! 

Just noting.

(Please ignore the mess in the background.   We had our student dance show earlier that day and I threw down everything when I got home).


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