The Kitchen, After, Part One


I cannot believe this is the same kitchen.

I was able to store a lot of everyday items, within easy reach, including scissors and pens.

Three hours after I started, I have found myself entirely amazed at the results.  

I have not yet tidied:

The fridge.
The cabinets above the fridge.  
The cabinets above the stove (that is liquor, and that is JC's to sort out).
The cabinets holding tableware (plates, bowls, glasses, stemware).

What I did tidy:
Pantry items
Storage containers
Pots, pans and baking dishes.

I placed like with like: All of my coffee mugs, accessories, coffee, tea, and sugar reside on the same shelf. All of the baking items are together. All of the spices are together. All canned items are together.

And may I say, OH MY GAWD. I cannot believe how much space we were wasting, previously. I threw away two smallish trash bags, but the amount of open space that came out of those two trash bags, seems much larger than the volume discarded. And I can already see the ease of use that is going to entail, by placing like with like. All the pots are together. All of the basic baking ingredients are together. I know where everything is. If you asked me to make you a cup of cocoa (and of course, I would make you a cup of cocoa!), I can lay my hands on all of the ingredients in under 30 seconds.

I am smiling ear-to-ear right now. This was three hours very well spent.

I am calling this "Part One", because I have other cabinets to finish, including the tableware, in the rightmost cabinet seen below.

A reminder of what the 'before' looked like, emptied out onto the counters.

And the 'after'.


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