The KonMari Method: Clothing, Part Two...

This post is part of a series, outlining my progress, as I work my way through the KonMari Method.

An 'after' picture.   Everything has been put away in its own place, tomorrow's outfit is folded on the chair.   And that bin under my little dressing table has been put away since taking this photo...

On Wednesday, I tackled 'Part Two' of my clothing - the wardrobe I keep at my condo.   Off-season things, special occasion things, and enough basics that I don't have to pack a bag if I decide to spend an extra night at my place.   

I expected (and actually stated, in print on this blog), that this would be a quicker task than my first day, when I went through the clothing, shoes, accessories, and jewelry that I keep at the boyfriend's.   That was Monday, and it took over an hour to pull everything from closets and drawers.   By my best estimate, I had gone through the bulk of my wardrobe on Monday.

Ha. Ha. Ha. Ha. Ha.  #slowclapofhands.


It took about an hour to pull everything from my main closet, plus a storage closet, plus an armoire.

From there, I went through the painstaking process of picking up each item, one thing at a time, and asking myself, "Does this spark joy?"

I paused to take some photos about 8 minutes into the process...

Yes.   That's a laptop in there.

My partially emptied closet.   Left side.

Right side.

And this is most of everything, pulled out.   So here is where I started my selecting and discarding process.So yes.   I picked up every last piece of everything that you see in this photo, and asked myself whether it sparked joy...

Everything that was a 'yes', I kept.  

Everything that was a 'no', I set aside to re-sell, donate, or throw away.

There were a number of things I was on the fence about - so I set those aside to come back to.   When I found myself undecided on more than two things in a row, I knew that it was time to take a break.   I would walk away, sip some water, or some coffee, stretch, have a bite to eat, read some Harry Potter.   My little breaks were anywhere from two to fifteen minutes long.

In every case, when I walked back to that 'decision' pile, I was able to look clearly at the items I was uncertain about, and decide to discard.  I thanked the item for the pleasure, or the understanding, or the creature comfort it had brought me, and I put it into one of the discard piles.

Eight hours later...

I was able to get rid of probably 30 shoeboxes.   I relocated most of the shoes to one of the hanging shelf organizers, which I placed against the inner right closet wall.  Many of the empty shoeboxes went into the armoire drawers, to sort items. 

I had intended to use the larger shoeboxes, the ones that my boots and high heels came in, to organize 2-3 pairs of shoes in, and neatly arrange these on my closet floor.   But then I realized I no longer needed these shelves in my armoire, so I relocated them instead.

I am still amazed at how much space I cleared out by doing three things:  taking shoes out of their boxes, taking stockings & tights out of their packaging, and rolling clothing.   Mind = Blown.

And for the first time in 4 1/2 years, the Boyfriend has a drawer of his own.   It's about time, I suppose... His belonging were previously stuffed onto one of the temporary shelves in the large section of the armoire.

The shoeboxes that I didn't use here, I set aside because I plan to use those when I sort through our theatrical costumes and props.

Closet, Left Side.   I relocated one of my hanging shelf organizers to the left inner wall.   Hats, shirts, scarves, and sweaters all live here now.

I love that I can see everything!

There are so many great things that I have encountered since beginning this process last Monday:

1.   I know exactly where everything is in my closet.

2.  All this week, I have put together some outfits that I am thrilled with, with very little tweaking or changing.

3.  I have such a feeling of inner peace when I walk through my living spaces - and these are really only two rooms so far.

Following Marie Kondo's list, books are next, and then papers.   I have already sorted through the books at the Boyfriend's place, and most of my papers.    I anticipate that this process will take far, far longer at my place.  I have a lifetime of papers stored there.

And I cannot wait to start!


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