A Product Review of Something Seldom Talked About. Or, How to Clear the Room of Men.

Let me start by saying, right off the bat, this post is about a feminine hygiene product - The Instead Softcup.  While it is not my intent to be crude, crass, or graphic, I do want to give an honest and realistic assessment and product review.  

A friend of mine hosted a SuperBowl party on Sunday, and JC and I were the first guests to arrive.   As we were helping her get hors d'oeuvres into the oven, out of the oven, and neatly arranged on trays, she told us about her crazy weekend:   24 hours earlier, she had hosted a get-together for her supper club, fourteen women who stopped by for appetizers and drinks before going out.   Then she had gotten up early Sunday morning, and taken out-of-town friends to a noted diner for breakfast, and then outlet mall, about an hour away.   Then she had gotten back an hour before we arrived, and had started setting up for SuperBowl.

The girl is INSANE. 

As we set out mozzarella sticks and pizza rolls onto trays, she told me about the gathering the night before.   "We were eating, and drinking, and talking about all kinds of crazy sh*t", she said, "including those period cups".   The tone of her voice indicated that she thought the period cups were some spurious fly-by-night idea.

"I use those sometimes, they're great", I interjected.

"WHAT?!"   She wanted more details.

Before I could say anything else, there was an audible 'pop' sound, as JC disapparated out of the kitchen, and reappeared in front of the television, which he immediately turned up loudly.

So I told her my experience.   To clarify, we were talking about the Instead Softcups, which are a great alternative to feminine napkins or tampons - in the right circumstances.   Yes, I use these, and I quite like them. 

Here is when I use them, and why I like Softcups:

1.  I use them during heavy flow times, and if I am going to be someplace for an extended period of time, with infrequent bathroom breaks - such as theatre rehearsals, or a day at a theme park or sight-seeing.

They are great for long-term physical activities, such as dancing or hiking.

2.   They are easy to insert.

3.   I have never had an issue with leaking.

4.   They are FAR more comfortable (in my opinion) than tampons, and a lot more secure than pads.

Three Things Every Woman Should Know About Using This Product:

1.   You need to plan ahead:   Insertion is super-easy.   Removal, however, is going to closely resemble a crime scene.   I feel I cannot underline this point enough!   There is no string.   Your finger is the string.   You should be someplace with plenty of room to maneuver, a good supply of toilet tissue, a trash receptacle, and a sink to wash your hands.   I usually make sure I have a little plastic baggie to put the used item in (or a lot of toilet tissue to wrap the item in).   I keep baby wipes with me in my dance bag.

2.   Wash your hands before you insert or remove the product.   That's just common sense.

3.   This item is intended for one use, then you throw it away.   It feels silly to even have to say this - but I also feel I should point this out.   Don't re-use a used product.  

I have 'worn' this product up to 12 hours with no mishaps, for loooong theatrical dance rehearsals, and a day at Disney World.   I bought mine via Amazon.

So... this conversation only lasted a minute or two - a moment later, the oven timer dinged, and then I was all busy stuffing - nay, shovelling -  hot fried cheesy goodness into my mouth as fast as I could.    I think my friend is still on the fence.   Less skeptical... but still... somewhat wary.   I get that.   I never see this product advertised on television or in print.   That surprises me - because this really is a useful product.

Which gives me pause to note that there is a sort of 'credibility' that we associate with heavy advertising and marketing.   Does advertising legitimize a product, make it 'all right'?   This really gives me pause to think - and I think this is an idea to explore in the future.   I am going to ponder more on this.

(Here you are, you made it to the end.   See?   Not so bad.   Hopefully you aren't totally skeeved out.   This concludes this Post-that-freaks-people-out for today. )


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