Style Thoughts for 2015

My baroque pumps.   I love these shoes.   They are at the cobbler right now, being re-soled.

I am very late in posting this.   Ah well - at least I can say that I have been busy implementing changes to my wardrobe via Marie Kondo.   I have kept only the things I absolutely love.

I recently went back and re-read my 2014 style goals, which I didn't write about on this blog.  For the most part, I met those goals.   They were good goals, and I've decided to keep them around for 2015:

My 2015 Style Resolutions and Thoughts:

1. I intend to be impeccably groomed every day.   

Hair cut and color maintained, nails manicured,  mascara and lip gloss - even on the days that I work from home and don't go anywhere.

I am consistently good about this, with one HUGE exception: I am very lazy about hair cut appointments.   And as I am typing this, I just realized it has been eight weeks since my previous cut.   Time for another appointment.

2. I aim to keep my wardrobe in good working condition.  
This means regular trips to the dry-cleaners, polishing shoes, mending small tears, replacing buttons, etc. 
I am very good about this - especially since downsizing my wardrobe to a point where I can efficiently manage what I already have.
Right now, my shoes are my focus - I have been taking a pair of heels or boots to my cobbler every two or three weeks to get them resoled, taps replaced, and/or vibram added.    I have been staggering these repairs over a period of time, so that I can budget for the costs, and also, so all of my favorite shoes don't wind up missing out of my closet at the same time.
I will also be taking my leather coat, and leather moto to a professional leather cleaner, later in the spring.

3. I am going to get the pieces I need altered over to the seamstress, already, dammit. 
I am not good about doing this:   I haven't found a seamstress or tailor that I unconditionally love and trust.   I have one that I quite like, but it takes about 40 minutes to get to her store, in teeth-grinding traffic, and there is usually a two-week minimum turnaround.   
I recently realized that much of what I had altered in 2014, I still rarely wear.  Some of it is special-occasion stuff - but there were a few everyday things I had altered last year, only to realize I didn't love them any better.   In the end, those alterations were a waste of my time and money, because I wound up selling or donating those things.  
I realize that a good seamstress or tailor is going to be a necessity for 2015, and I am going to keep looking.   As our theatre group has gained momentum, I have spent a lot more time working on dance training, and as a result, I have come down a full dress size.  Some of my clothes are noticeably too big now. I see this trend continuing over the next six months as we work on our next show, which opens in June.  So I am going to be very particular on what I take the time and cash to have altered, and be damned sure I love what I'm paying to get taken in, because by next winter, I am pretty sure I will need to alter or replace coats, pants, and skirts.

4.  I am going to continue to work to maintain a personal style that is realistic for my life, with a wardrobe full of things I love.   I think this is pretty much self-explanatory.  I want to be able to walk out the door, knowing I am dressed adequately and happily for everything I will be doing that day... and then I don't want to give my outfit another thought, until I am undressing for bed.

How about you?   Did you make any style resolutions for 2015?  If so, how well are they fitting into your daily life?

I cannot wait to pick up my shoes.   I miss them.


Pret a Porter P at: February 24, 2015 at 9:57 PM said...

I especially agree w/ 2-4. It takes me awhile to go to seamstress, cobbler, dry cleaner. Plus they are a good 30-45 minutes away from me & hard to fit into my schedule. I'll never strive to be perfectly groomed (I'd like to think of it as Ashley O chic haha!), but I have put more effort into skincare/beauty.

Cute shoes!

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