The Most Fascinating Woman I've Never Met.

I popped into a local thrift store yesterday, for a bit of treasure-hunting.  Alas, the treasure I was seeking - pristine white and light-colored tops for summer - eluded me.

But I did not go away empty-handed.   Ah no.   Here is what I came away with...

1.  A vintage faux-fur cropped jacket by Cejon.

According to the tag, this is faux fur.   You coulda had me fooled, because it feels like the real deal.

2.  An open-back, vintage velvet bodysuit from Contempo Casuals:

I was thrilled to find this, as I frequently use bodysuits for costuming.   This will be the basis of my Cat Sidhe costume at the next DragonCon.

3.   This uh-mazing Ralph Lauren full-length gown - made out of a tweedy sweater knit.  It has an elegant, low-key, Morticia Addams-vibe.

Seriously, I have NO idea where I am going to wear this.   But I am going to wear this next winter.

4.   This unspeakably cool black patent leather skirt (genuine leather, I might add), by Barami.  Fits like a glove!

5.   And the piece de resistance...  a Brisa reversible sheared mink jacket, with a fox fur collar.  It is in MINT condition.

I googled this.   Brisa is a line carried at Nordstrom's Fur Salon.   Someone recently sold a similar, pre-owned jacket on eBay for over $1000.

I must admit, this last one had me flummoxed.   Who gives away a mink jacket to a thrift shop?   JC answered that for me.  "Probably from an estate".   I conceded the probable accuracy of that.

I did purchase other things, but as I was going back through them... I realized something...

These five items have several common factors:

1.   They are all luxurious items - rich, soft to the touch, warm, made of gorgeous materials.

2.   There is a uniformity of color and shape.

3.   They all fit me perfectly.

Is it possible, I wonder, that they came from the same person?

I like to think so.   I like to imagine a woman, my size, but probably several inches taller.   The Ralph Lauren dress is long on me, even with four-inch heels.   

I like to imagine this woman is elegant, impeccably groomed, well-read, well-travelled, high-spirited, a bit of a rebel... 

And adventurous in all the very best ways.  A placid woman doesn't wear a skirt like that.

I am fascinated with the idea of this woman.   I would love to meet this woman, and hear her stories.   I know she's got stories.

I truly hope that, if I am correct in my single-owner surmise, that this owner is alive and well, and thriving... and having grand adventures of the very best sort.

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