Just Enough Time for a Quickie...

... swimming!   a quick swimming session....

I didn't do a swim workout this morning.   Instead, I went with a friend to breakfast at a magical place called Cafe Reveille, which features something amazing called 'creme brulee French toast'.   Then I came home and packed for vacation.   Later, I went down to the pool to join JC and friends.   I was there about 20 minutes when someone I don't know came in and swam two laps, and I realized - the pool wasn't full of kids floating around!   I took The Hill at a fast trot and ran back into my place to change into my laps suit and grab my goggles.

I was able to get in 30 laps before all the kids started arriving.   I'm fine with kids, it's just that, for many of them, this is their last weekend of freedom before school begins on Monday, and I feel strongly that that last weekend is sacred.   I don't understand why school gets out before Labor Day, when it is still reasonably cool outside, and then resumes at the hottest point of high summer.   The heat index this weekend was 105 degrees.

I admit, I really really want to go back down and swim some more, but I want my suit to dry out before we hit the road tomorrow.   I am obsessed with swimming.


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