One Week Into My Fitness Regimen...


A week ago yesterday, I wrote out a list of short-term fitness goals, to be worked on from now through the end of Labor Day Weekend.  These objectives are to help me achieve my longer-term goals for Fall 2015.  

There were three factors this week that hampered my good intentions:   bad weather (which cut into my pool time), a clogged ear (not from swimming, surprisingly), and plain, old-fashioned 'Not-Enough-Hours-In-The-Day'.  

Here is my list, how I did, and some tweaks I propose to make for myself:

1.   To take three ballet classes/weekly, at least one of them a level two.   COMPLETED!   Yes!  I did this, and the level two class was a fast one!   He would give the combination once, and then start the music.   Once I relaxed and focused, I found myself up for the mental challenge, even if I could not always manage the speed at which we did the exercises.

2.   To continue taking the EBAS class, 1 day/week    COMPLETED! 

3.   To do three EBAS sessions at home/week, plus added time on splits, based on what I've learned in class.      INCOMPLETE.  I only did this twice on my own.   Between having a clogged ear, and having bitten off more than I could chew in terms of other activities and commitments, I did not get in that third session, let alone splits.

4.   I need to set up a playlist for my EBAS sessions.  COMPLETED!   I wound up creating a sort of 'ultimate playlist' for myself  - all of my favorite songs off of every album I own.   So far it is six hours long, and I have been enjoying it immensely in my car, at home, and while stretching.

5.  To spend three 30-minute sessions/week focusing on flamenco armwork and bulerias.  INCOMPLETE.   This did not happen, and I am revisiting my goals list.  

6.  To swim three times a week, at least 110 laps, which is just over a mile (5550 feet).   INCOMPLETEWe had thunderstorms and rain throughout the week.   On top of that, I got some water in my ear while coloring my hair, and it took several days for my ear to clear out and become right again.

7.   Make arrangements with an indoor pool facility to begin after Labor Day Weekend, when my condo's pool closes.   INCOMPLETE.   But not for lack of trying.  I went by Seaventures, which is around the corner from my place, which teaches kids' swim classes, and scuba certs.    I had emailed them at the end of June, and was told that they offer lap times from 11am-2pm Tuesday-Sundays, with a $5 drop-in.   When I went in, they shut me down before I could even get past "laps".   While I realize this is probably because they are on some sort of fall schedule, the man was quite brusque.  The encounter felt unfriendly.  I am currently researching other facilities, and I have been pointed towards something called US Masters, which I didn't know anything about, before.   

Once again, I am reminded there is a reason for everything, and oft-times, a momentary disappointment leads to new and exciting things.   I am going to try a US Masters swim group, but it may be next year before I do so.

So it is a new week, and I am going to try again, but with a couple of tweaks for this week:

1.   Set a more comprehensive schedule, not just for exercise.  I did goof off quite a bit here and there, and that time could have been spent a little more productively.  I am going to set a schedule that adds in my acting class, acting study at home, and singing.  These didn't really eat into my dance & fitness regimen, but I did have some anxiety because I felt like I had bitten off more than I could chew.

2.   Three swim workouts with more continuous swimming.   Because I am looking at possibly joining a Swim Masters group, my goal for this week is to focus on continuous swimming - 20+ laps at a time.   Fewer breaks.   

I found my "one-mile" goal pulled my perfectionism into the mix, so instead of just jumping in and swimming 40, 50, or 75 laps, I got this 'all-or-nothing' mentality, and did not take advantage of smaller windows between rainshowers.

3.  Three Ballet Classes, including at least one Level Two class.   No change from last week.

4.  One EBAS class, and three at-home EBAS sessions.   I haven't set a minimum time on the at-home EBAS, but I think 15 minutes is a good start.

5.  Attend a flamenco class Wednesday evening.   The studio I attend is offering a flamenco technique workshop this week, and I plan to go.

When all is said and done, I look back with pride on this past week.   I swam two miles, attended three ballet classes, an EBAS class, and got some stretching in on my own.   No regrets.   I am simply going to revise and move forward!


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