Project 333 - Part Three, Finalizing my Decisions!

After much deliberation, I have worked out my selections for the upcoming Project 333 Challenge.  I am eager to start - except that the start of my new capsule wardrobe, is also the end of my summer.

I am always sad to see summer's end.   Everyone gets so excited about fall, and I'm standing around like Rat, in The Wind in the Willows - wistful and wondering why everybody is in such a hurry to move on.   There is so much to enjoy right now!

But I digress.

Here is my capsule, most of which remains the same as outlined in my previous post.   I have made a few changes.

Summing up my previous post:

My capsule wardrobe does not include shoes, bags, accessories, dance/workout gear, undergarments, or event wear - or extreme cold weather gear (extreme cold weather for me = >30F)

My capsule wardrobe does have to function across a temperature variance,  that usually goes from the high 80's to the low 30's.   For this reason, I have expanded my capsule to 40 items.

My color palette is almost entirely neutral:  Black, White, Olive, Grey, Blush-Pink, and Dark Tan.   

My themes are:   Bond Girl, 007, Safari, Indiana Jones, Cinema Italiano, Fetish, and the aesthetics of Wolford and Agent Provocateur.

Here are my 40 items:

My capsule is comprised of:
3 Leather Jackets (the black can double as a leather blouse or blazer)
3 Other Jackets and Blazers
1 Zip-up Cardigan (doubles as a regular sweater)
1 Short-sleeve jacket (doubles as a top)
1 Leather Vest (doubles as a top)
8 Long-Sleeve Tops
6 Short-Sleeve Tops
3 Sleeveless Tops (The dragon top doubles as a vest)
1 Dress
6 Skirts
6 Pairs of Jeans
1 Pair of Pants

What changed from the previous post?   For starters, I removed the olive bodysuit.   It isn't, and never has been, a stand-alone item.  I plan to wear it underneath other garments that need a cami-type of layer, such as the olive short-sleeve jacket top, or the zip-up cardigan.  

I replaced the olive bodysuit with a creamy white, short-sleeve, mock-neck top.   I plan to use the white long-sleeve shirt from the previous post, as dance/workout wear.

I also removed both pairs of shorts, and replaced them with the white skirt and the white jeans.

I am leaving the olive skirt and the olive skinnies for a future capsule.   

With regards to the pieces I chose, I asked myself the following questions:   Can I make at least three outfits out of each piece?   Does each piece fall in with the themes I list above?   Yes, and yes.

I don't have to ask if I love each piece, because these are all favorites!

When I look at my capsule, I feel very good about my choices.   I think I have covered pretty much every contingency for this fall.   The one exception will be the Florida trip.   If the temperatures are forecast to be over 85F, I plan to pull out some shorts to wear then.  Otherwise, I plan on wearing jeans.

This capsule is not set in stone.  I am giving myself to Labor Day to make any changes.  Still, I'm very happy with what I have here, and I am looking forward to mid-September!


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