Project 333 Phase Two: Selecting My Clothing Items

I have been working on clothing choices for my upcoming Project 333 challenge, which will stretch from September 14th to December 7th.

My capsule wardrobe does not include shoes, bags, accessories, dance/workout gear, undergarments, or event wear.

My capsule wardrobe does have to function across a transitional twelve-week period, in subtropical Georgia.  At this time of year, we usually see days in the high 80's, all the way down to the first freeze of winter. I am also planning at least one side trip to Florida.   Because of the temperature variance, I have expanded my capsule to 40 items.

My color palette is almost entirely neutral:  Black, White, Olive, Grey, Blush-Pink, and Dark Tan.   I intend to use my accessories - scarves, bags, shoes, jewelry, hats, gloves - to provide color.

I don't have any set style descriptors.  Instead, I simply have a list of themes that I love:  Bond Girl, 007, Safari, Indiana Jones, Cinema Italiano, Fetish (can it just be 2011 again, please?).   I also adore the aesthetic of Wolford (and the quality).   I'm always combing their site for ideas.  I really wish they would do another online lookbook.

At this time I have settled on 37 items that I am certain of.   I plan to talk about the individual pieces at length in future posts, why I chose them, what makes them favorites, how I plan to wear them.

Here are my choices so far:

3 leather toppers.  Black, blush pink, and gray, in varying thicknesses.  The black jacket is a very thin leather, thin enough that I could wear it as a blouse, something I have never tried.  

Other Jackets/Blazers.  An ivory safari-esque jacket, a ladylike black blazer, and a futuristic-looking moto blazer, also in black.   

16 Tops.   An assortment of stretch knitwear, and button-downs in black and white.   Ideally, I would like to add a white, short-sleeved top or bodysuit, and a pink top or bodysuit to match the blush pink jacket.

2 Pairs of Shorts.  Both linen, in olive and black.   

5 skirts, all black.  

6 Pairs of Pants & Jeans.    Five pairs of jeans, and one pair of black pants.

A Dress.


      A Vest.  

In the days that it has taken me to write this post, I've assembled some items that I am considering adding.   But now I find I am re-thinking some of my original choices, as well...

Here are the items that I am either re-thinking, or considering adding to my capsule... 

Rethinking:  Olive tank bodysuit:   This goes beautifully with my taupe-grey leather jacket, but I can't really wear it as a stand-alone piece, because it is a little low-cut.  I am a busty gal.  I don't want my outfit to be all about mah bosoms, ya know?   This bodysuit may be relegated to the undergarments category.

Rethinking:  Olive short-sleeve jacket top:  I didn't picture it above, but it has been on my list from the start.  It is a little too big to wear alone as a top (the armholes are too low, and give a nice view of my bra + sideboob).  I always wear something underneath it, either a cami or an outerwear top.   I am wondering if this top will have as much versatility as I would like.  I'm going to try it on with my other capsule items, snap some pictures and decide.   

I really do love these olives and taupe-grey-brown colors.   They pair beautifully with black, and I always feel like these colors give me feline-eyes.  Meow.

Considering:  Olive Skirt +  Olive Skinnies (not pictured):   These finish off my olive/khaki color capsule.   The skirt is super-casual - and, maddeningly, has to be ironed.   With starch.   This is the best I am able to get it.   And yet, I really love it.   It has a matching grosgrain ribbon belt, not pictures (because I couldn't find it).   I also have a pair of coated olive skinnies - however, I gained weight this summer, and I am not happy with how they look, although they still fit well.  I've taken a few pounds off already, but the skinnies may have to wait until the next capsule.

Considering:  White Skirt +  White Skinnies:  I am still deciding on these.   I love them both, and I think the white would go beautifully with the blush colors.   The skirt is cotton, with a beautiful sheen, so perhaps that is best saved for spring and summer seasons.   Or  I may include both pieces to start, and do a mid-season swap to the olive.   Or cut out some black pieces?   Decisions, decisions.

Let me note that the belt-loops are coming off of this skirt.   It took me several wears to realize they were bothering me.  I feel that no loops = a cleaner line.

Considering: Black Long-sleeve Top:   I haven't worn this all spring or summer, but it's been a favorite for three years now.  I wore it Friday evening to go out, and the love is back.   I may put this into my capsule and cut another black top.

Considering:  Blush Top:   As noted above, I want to add a blush-pink top to my closet.   I found one today, at a thrift shop!   I am undecided.   It has the Wolford aesthetic that I love, but it doesn't quite go with my blush leather jacket.   If I find a better match in a blush top, this one will move to dancewear, where it will be put to very good use. 

Considering:  White Top:   As noted above, I want to add a white top to my closet.   I found this top today at the same shop as the blush one.   It was a little too casual, I thought, but I love the neckline.   It has a really nice wide ballet neck.  If I find a better white top this fall, then this will move to dancewear.  

So here I am, with three weeks left to make changes, cuts, and tweaks.   I am very happy with my progress on this project so far.   What do you think of my first Project 333?   I would love your input!


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