Project 333: Planning Phase Part One

For more information on how to do your own Project 333 Challenge, go here.

Here are the parameters I have decided on, for my own Project 333:

My challenge begins Monday, September 14th and ends twelve weeks later, on Monday, December 7th.   I chose the start date, initially, so that I could do this challenge along with Jess at One Hundred Hangers.  I soon realized that, by beginning in mid-September, I can leave behind most of my truly summer garments, such as shorts - although I plan to keep a few pairs in my capsule.

I also think it will be great fun to start this capsule close to the Autumn Equinox - it gives the challenge a sense of occasion.  And JC is having his 'birthday weekend' around that time.   I would love to look back on mid-September, later in life, and remember it as a time that was memorable, intellectually stimulating, and charged with a sense of purpose and enjoyment.

The end date falls the week after my birthday.   I love wardrobe planning, and there are always holiday gatherings and events, so perhaps my 'birthday weekend' will include planning another capsule, one that will also accomodate holiday activities (if this one is a success!)

For this capsule, I am planning on 40 items.   This does not include shoes, accessories, dance/workout gear, or event wear.   I chose 40 items, instead of the more traditional 33, because Atlanta is subtropical.  This twelve-week period normally encompasses our 'Indian summer', as well as our first freeze of the winter.  In addition, I will be going to Florida at least once during this time, and I want to be prepared for the warmer temperatures there.   I suppose I could just say "if I need stuff, I will pull it from storage", but part of my goal in Project 333 is to not have to tie up a lot of time working around contingencies.   I want to be able to say "Oh, it's 88 today, feels like 92.  I've got just the outfit for it!".   I would like to be able to say the same when it's 40 degrees and I have to walk six blocks from my car to JC's condo.  (All y'all from up North, QUIT LAUGHING.)

So at just under a month away, I have already selected and photographed most of the clothing I want to include in my capsule.   I still have a few slots to fill, and I am going to consider those carefully.   Even if I don't fill them, I feel like I am pretty well set for those twelve weeks.

Photographing the clothing items turned out to be a useful exercise to make sure my clothing was in good shape.   I steamed some wrinkles out, checked for loose threads and torn seams.   One blouse needed to go to the cleaners.  I previously wore it for a couple of hours, and was hoping to wear it one more time, but there were faint makeup smudges around the collar.   Ewwwwwwww.  So glad I did this now, not when I actually put the shirt on to wear!

It's funny how the last month of culling and now, curating, have made things clearer in my mind.   When I started seriously considering Project 333 some weeks ago, I worried that I might feel deprived or stifled.   Now I feel a sense of excitement!   I really want to make these twelve weeks special and memorable.   I love the idea of having this coincide with the seasons.   

Already, the urge to shop or just to 'stop and browse awhile' has abated.   I'm hoping this will continue.   I believe it will, because the more carefully curated my life has become, the more time and energy I am spending on my creative and athletic outlets.  Enough so, that I am going to try a shopping ban during this period as well.   Aside from clothing and books, I am mostly pretty good about not overshopping, but there is always room for improvement.

I am confident these twelve weeks will be a time of enjoyment and satisfaction that I look back on in the years to come.   I am also going to work hard to create more space and joy around me, that stretches far beyond the end of this challenge.

So this concludes Part One.   Part Two will have the items I have selected, so far, for my Project 333 Fall 2015 Capsule Wardrobe.

Happy Birthday to my baby sister, who turns <CENSORED> today!  Many happy returns of the day! I love you so much, kiddo!


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