Project 333

I've recently made the decision to do Project 333, beginning in mid-September.  My reasons are pretty straight-forward...

  • I overshop and spend too much money.
  • As a result of this, I have too many things in my closet.  And in my home.  
  • The visual and spiritual impact of this has become increasingly stressful. 
  • I want to streamline the basic processes of my life, so that I am free to pursue my dreams.

All of the extra stuff around me, distracts my attention away from the things I want to do:  acting, dancing, singing, writing, swimming, running a home-based business.

So far in 2015, I have worked slowly and steadily on the KonMari technique to declutter, discard, and tidy my place.   This has been a thrilling personal project!  I will be continuing this through the rest of the year - and through the years to come.  My home and life are like an onion, every time I peel back and discard a layer, I find another layer of things underneath, to consider, sort through, and curate.

Last month I embarked on a more specific winnowing-down of my wardrobe.   Everything sparked joy on my initial Marie Kondo-clearout .... and yet, I still had a lot of clothing, shoes, and accessories remaining.  More than I will ever have time to wear.  Six months later, I found myself viewing everything with an objective eye, and I found many items were no longer sparking the same joy that they did in January and February.   Without pulling up my inventory list, my best guesstimate is that I have purged about 100 items out of my closet in the past month.

I have already put a good bit of legwork into this upcoming challenge, and will be writing about this in the coming weeks.

In the past, I was both attracted to, and afraid of, Project 333.   I am very attracted to the idea of simplicity, of having space around me to breathe and to move.   I have felt fear that I won't have enough, that I won't have every contingency planned for.   That I will find myself with nothing to wear.    How silly this seems to me, as I write this.

What finally made me decide to do it, is the inspiration I am finding from other bloggers who have done Project 333, or made other wardrobe (and life) simplifications, and have written so openly about their feelings, and their fears, and how freeing it all has been.

I want to have that freedom.



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