Pulling Together a Fitness Regimen for the rest of August...

In keeping with my post from yesterday, I am setting out some goals that I would like to achieve this month, both for dancing, and for swimming...

Calo' Theatre's WONDERLAND show ended in late June, and I took a much-needed rest, cutting way back on dance classes, and working at home.   

This has been my summer schedule, from the last week of June until today.  I missed EBAS and Ballet while I was on vacation the last two weeks:

1.  EBAS (Elemental Body Alignment System) stretch class  (1x/week)
2.  90-Minute Beginner-Level Ballet Class.   (1x/week)
2b.  Sometimes I take a 60-minute advanced beginner Tap class after ballet

I take these classes at Dance 101 in Alpharetta

3.   I was also taking three hours of flamenco dance every week, at Calo Gitano in Midtown.   These ended the third week of July

4.  I have been swimming an average of 2-3 times weekly since flamenco class ended.

It's been a little sporadic at best, but I've managed not to abandon things entirely.

So... the show is over, I've had a rest, and JC and I are back from vacation.   So now I am thinking about what I want to accomplish in the future, with swimming and with dance.  I am not quite ready to put my dance goals into writing here, for all the world to see, but I am happy to share my goals for the rest of this summer, and the fall.

Here are my longer-term athletic goals, for Fall 2015 (through mid-December):

1.  To be able to consistently take Level 2 Ballet Classes at Dance 101, with some degree of success (i.e., get through the first 75 minutes).  I tend to struggle with learning longer combinations.

2.  To be able to swim a minimum of 1 mile every workout, working up to 1.5 miles by early November, and adding in breaststroke and backstroke.

3.  To have a higher extension, and front splits on both legs

4.  To gain a better grasp of Bulerias, in flamenco dance, and a better technique and stamina overall, in flamenco.

5.  To learn a double-pirouette.   They don't have to be pretty, I just want to be able to do them.

Reverse-engineering these goals, here is what I want to work on for the rest of August, through Labor Day Monday:

1.   To take three ballet classes/weekly, at least one of them as a level two.

2.   To continue taking the EBAS class, 1 day/week

3.   To do three EBAS sessions at home/week, plus added time on splits, based on what I've learned in class.  

4.   I need to set up a playlist for my EBAS sessions.

5.  To spend three 30-minute sessions/week focusing on flamenco armwork and bulerias

6.  To swim three times a week, at least 110 laps, which is just over a mile (5550 feet)

7.   Make arrangements with an indoor pool facility to begin after Labor Day Weekend, when my condo's pool closes.

I feel if I can meet these goals, it puts me on-track for what I hope to achieve this fall.

How about you?   Do you have any athletic goals you are working to accomplish?


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