Locking in my Fall Capsule Wardrobe!

Tomorrow I begin my first ever capsule wardrobe.   I started planning nearly four weeks ago.   I have run the gamut of emotions with this, from excitement and enthusiasm, to impatience, to just wanting to just say bugger this all for a lark.

I have been a follower of The Project 333 for at least a year now.   I never tried it because 33 items for three months felt limiting - even though it says, right on Courtney's site, that you can tweak the rules for yourself.   And, admittedly, most of the capsule wardrobes I've seen online are uninspiring.   There is a lot of normcore happening, and that is just not my style.

Then I found One Hundred Hangers and realized, duh, I can totally tweak the rules.   The author, Jess, uses a capsule of around forty items - and her style has a similar aesthetic to mine.  I realized that forty items, in a sexy, slinky aesthetic, is something I can work with.

So I got down to business, thought through what my regular life is like, what I like to wear, what the temperatures are in Atlanta, from mid-September to early December.   I mapped out every trip and event on the calendar for this fall.

In the end, this capsule encompasses my every day life of working from home, acting and dance classes, and going out to upscale-but-casual-ish restaurants, bars, and clubs.

My capsule does not include actual dance clothing, swim gear, event wear (JC's corporate holiday party, for example), or loungewear (which is more-or-less my dance clothing).

In my last update, I was at forty items.   Then about a week and a half ago, I realized I had some additional pieces that I really wanted to work into my regular, everyday life for fall.   So I went back to the drawing board, pulled everything out, and brought in an additional twelve (!) pieces to compare with my forty pieces, and make some decisions.

Today, I am at 45 items.   I will start this capsule with 45 pieces but my gut feeling is that there will be some items cut in the weeks to come.

I have posted most of these photos already in previous, but I am posting them here again, to give an overall view of my capsule.  I downloaded StyleBook this weekend, but it's going to be a few days before I can get everything photographed and edited.

Without further ado, here is my Fall Capsule:


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