A Case of The Hiccups

In a previous post, I noted that I was feeling disinclined to continue with my capsule wardrobe experiment.

That is barely the icing on the cake. 

About 2.5 weeks into this project, I felt like I just didn't want to do this anymore.   I wasn't motivated to put together an outfit or get dressed up.   My clothes weren't exciting me.   I wasn't having fun planning and documenting my outfits - which I normally love to do.   Everything felt meh, bland, blah.   The urge to shop was almost overwhelming at times.   I admit, I did give in to those urges.   I visited all my usual thrift and consignment stores, and cruised my favorite online eBay shops.    

With a few exceptions, I left (or closed the browser window) without buying anything.   


Because at the end of the day, my capsule wardrobe is perfectly suited to my needs and my tastes.   With few exceptions, I did not see anything that I felt could out-do, enhance, move my style forward, or be more useful than what is already hanging in my closet.

When I realized this, the excitement came back.

This has been my goal all along - this elusive concept of a perfect wardrobe. To have actually reached this point....is why I am continuing this experiment.

So with these feelings and experiences under my belt,  I sat and picked apart why I was feeling the way I was.

The big overwhelming reason?   I have gained about eight pounds since we wrapped up our WONDERLAND show in late June.   I have gone from a size 0-2, to 4's feeling snug.   Some of those lovely things in my capsule do not fit properly now - or even at all.

This didn't happen overnight.   And it happened because, as in so many things in life (shopping), I said 'what the hell', and ordered that drink (usually around 250-300 calories), or that amazing dessert (don't want to think about those caloreies) at the end of the meal.   I bought the candy or the snacks at the store.  I have not been eating a salad for lunch 4-5 days of the week as I used to.

And I have not been swimming or doing any dedicated cardio, currently

So now I am working to take that weight back off.   By breaking off the bad habits, and resuming the good ones.

I haven't been sitting around, mind you.   Things have picked up lately, and I've been working hard, trying to meet deadlines, keep my online eBay store going, and plugging away at acting, dance technique, singing, and writing.    There's just a lot I want to do, and I'm having to work at time management.

So chalk some of this up to stress, and just having better things to do - things that I love.   It means less attention to give my clothes.   Which is the entire point.

The third reason, is that, when I looked at the outfits I've worn the past two weeks, the color palette looks flat depressing.  What looked perfect in the summer is just drab in fall lighting.  I'm going to cut these dusty olive pieces.  I'm keeping the grays - the gray leather jacket, the silver bodysuit, etc. and add some more color via accessories.   I'm going to pair the grays with richer colors, and clear, brighter colors, via scarves, jewelry, belts, and shoes.

This makes me excited again, just thinking about what I can do!

So how about you?   Do you ever find yourself unhappy with your wardrobe?   How do you turn it around?


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