Four Weeks Into a Capsule Wardrobe

I am nearly a third of the way through, of my very first capsule wardrobe experiment.   I cannot believe it has been a whole month!

Currently, my capsule is at 51 pieces.   Only 49 are pictured here. 


I really, really love my wardrobe!  

Here is what changed in the past four weeks:

1)  The Off-White Trench Jacket (seen in past posts) is gone.   It had a tendency to move around and needed continual re-adjusting.   Damn near drove me nuts.   So it's cut.

2)  I bought an olive zip cardigan.   I wore it twice.   Then I cut it.   I bought it because I've been wearing my black zip cardi a lot this fall, and it's starting to really show the love.   Olive is a favorite color... in the spring and summer.   When the natural light is long and strong.   In the shifting fall light, this sweater looks really drab, and I was starting to feel the drabness in my spirit.   This sweater has been moved to my dance/exercise gear for the time being, because it really is comfortable and cute.

3)  I pulled a pair of jeans and a skirt from storage:   I've gained weight this summer, and that trend continued well into September.   I am working to get it back off now, but in the meantime, I've been feeling the need for some pieces that aren't quite so snug!

4.   I bought three new tops:   a white, long-sleeve crop top, a black long-sleeve mockneck, and a black halter-neck, sleeveless top. 

I have no regrets about these purchases.   One of the wonderful things about working with a capsule wardrobe is that I have a clearer 'vision' for my style, and these three pieces move me forward in a direction that makes me feel gorgeous.   

All of that being said... I have to come clean about something.   The capsule wardrobe experience hasn't been all cake and jam.   There have been moments that I have been disinclined to continue, and I had to sort through the 'why' of it all.   I will talk about this in my next post, because I have a feeling it's something that a lot of us go experience to some degree.

Overall, I am very happy with how my experiment is proceeding, and I have already started mapping out my winter capsule!

On to you... are you currently doing a capsule wardrobe?   Thinking about doing one?   What is holding you back?


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