Viva Las Vegas! What I'm packing for my trip.

We are headed to Vegas!   JC has a software convention, and we're also going to visit family while we're out there.   Planned activities include sight-seeing, socializing, shopping, sitting by the pool, eating my face off fine dining, and going to see Thunder From Down Under

I may even gamble. I set a budget of $25, because it's not really my thing.   I meant to do this the last time I visited, about four years ago... and forgot.  

Yes.   I forgot to gamble in Vegas.  I am that person: The Luna Lovegood of Vacation.

Here is what I am planning to pack.   Not pictured:  an additional pair of shorts, a striped Breton top, two swimsuits, and lounge/exercise wear.   Because the temperatures will be above 90F most of the time we are there, I dipped into storage and retrieved two pairs of shorts from the summer, and the striped top.

This may change up a bit - but this is more-or-less what I'm packing.   I'm going to wear a pair of dark skinnies on the plane, probably one of these tops, the nude ballerinas, and a jacket TBA from my capsule.

I always worry that my travel wardrobe won't be versatile enough.   I started playing with Stylebook to see what I could put together.   Phew!   Crisis averted.  By the last collage, I was getting lazy...

I am definitely not a 'What happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas', kind of girl.   Mostly because I'm not that much of an adventurer.   So I'll update you on the good, the bad, and the ugly, as the week progresses.

Have a great week!


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