On Wardrobe Editing

I'm always searching for that Holy Grail of wardrobe editing articles - that magical, perfectly written post full of curating tips, that will open up the Cave of Wonders, and behold!   I will have a shiny closet full of precisely styled clothing, and everyone will bow down and worship me as the Queen of Super-Fierce-Awesomeness.

Turns out, the Holy Grail is elusive.

I find that most of these closet-purge articles say the same thing:   Pull everything out of your closet.  Try it on.  Does it fit?  Do you like it?   Does it need to be tailored/mended/deloused? What can be chucked out, because of fit, or wear or whim?

Most of them mention having wine while you do this.

I can't think of a single instance in which alcohol has led to me making a better decision.

Fools! I think to myself as I read these articles, You do not know who you are dealing with!  I'm bigger, better, craftier than that.   I am a Fourth-Generation Hoarder of Unnecessary Things.  I can rattle off seventeen reasons to keep everything, and drink a latte all in the same breath.  

Until the inevitable day, when I have to pull together something specific, and I'm frantically digging my way through a lot of crap.   I always swear, That's it!   I'm going to get my closets sorted, once and for all.   It's only recently that I've made any headway, when pondering what it would take to edit down my wardrobe.

I've come up with a specific list of questions to edit my closet:

1.   Am I expressing myself fully in this?

2.  Do I feel energized when I wear this?

3.   Does this item express what I want to 'say', when I wear it?

4.  Is this a benchmark item?   Does this match the quality of my other benchmark items?

5.   If I were going overseas to live for six months, would I bring this item?  (Okay, it's Paris.  This scenario is always 'going overseas to Paris'.   Yes.  I am a cliche').   I go with the assumption that I would have to take the stairs everywhere - as was really the case on previous visits to The City of Lights and Out-of-Order Elevators-  so I would have to be willing to haul the item around.

Not all of the questions are touchy-feely.   I have a list of practical considerations as well:

6.   High heels or no, can I hike six blocks in these shoes, from wherever I parked, to wherever I'm going?

7.   Does this item require shapewear?  (It does?   Then, BYE!)

8.   Can I sit down and eat a full meal in this?

9.   Am I going to have a meltdown when I inevitably spill something down the front?

I've had great results with theses questions, so far.   In the past six months, I have purged at least 75 items from my closet, and my purchases have been fewer, and more in-keeping with what remains.   Which is still a LOT of stuff.

On to you:   what helps you move forward, when you're curating your closet?


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