The Power Pause: How I decided whether to pull the trigger.


The Schutz "Nildy" pump in action.

This fall, I've been quite good about shopping deliberately and specifically, for my wardrobe. I've been very happy with my purchases, most of which have enjoyed immediate and repeated wearings.  

I would love to say my wardrobe is complete, but really, does that ever happen? I can't think of anything I need.

But I can think of many things I desire.

These shoes, for example.  

They are the "Nildy" pumps, by Schutz - one of my favorite shoe brands. I've been watching these shoes on a sales site for the past 7 or 8 months. I've never pulled the trigger because they were pricey. I knew that if the price came down, I would seriously consider buying these shoes.

The seller recently brought the price down.  

These are the actual shoes - all black leather, no patent or suede.

I want these shoes. I crave these shoes. I desire these shoes.

Do I need these shoes?  


Why would I buy them?

1. They fit in well with my current cool weather uniforms of jeans or pencil skirt + knit top and sleek topper. 

2. The ankle cuff, straps and hardware give them a very Sado-Chic vibe.

3. They are made by Schutz, which leads me to expect that they will be superlative, in terms of materials and craftsmanship.

4. With the shipping, they come in under $40.  If they don't work out, I'm reasonably certain I can sell them and make back those costs.

Why am I hesitating?

1. They have a 4.5" heel, and the platform is about .25", which kind of makes it not a platform at all. I can wear a 4" heel comfortably, but anything higher puts them into 'special event' wear, i.e., anything where JC and a valet pick me up and drop me off at doors, and I don't have to do quite so much walking. Whereas, I envision these more for regular going out, i.e. wear with jeans and a turtleneck while I down alcoholic root beer and shoot down older gents who fancy themselves 'playahs'.

You know, proper bitch shoes.

2. I have half-a-dozen pairs of black leather heels that fit the 'going-out' bill. But I like to split wears, because that's what keeps my feet and ankles in good, stilettos-sporting shape.

What to do... what to do...

I'm taking a Power Pause, where I take a specific amount of time and consider, dispassionately whether to buy an item. This can last anywhere from 12 hours, to a year or more.

Here is what I'm asking myself...

1. Do I already have something similar to these shoes? Not really. I have one other pair of ankle strap pumps, my Schutz Ellas. The Ellas are patent leather, and have a daintier, and more formal vibe. I feel that the Nildys can be dressed down into a more casual look.

2. Can I express myself fully in these shoes? Black leather, Sado-Chic, Stiletto Bitch Shoes. YES.

3. Do they compare in quality to a benchmark item? Compared to my Schutz Ellas and Gilbertas, and my Tom Ford tassel pumps, I would say very likely, although I have not yet seen them in person.

4. Are they multi-seasonal? Can they be worn with or without hosiery? This is very important, because May to October can be pretty hot in the south.

I believe I can wear these in the summer with skinny jeans or pencil skirt + casual tee. I think they will work equally well with or without hosiery.

I recently purged a pair of black 'summer' stiletto sandals, that started squeaking. These could fill in for those sandals.

5. If they don't work out, can I re-sell them and recoup my losses? I'm certain I can.

So far, this is looking pretty good. But here is the big-money question:

How can I make these wearable for the six-block walk from condo to car, and car to venue?

These shoes are half a size larger than my regular size. My cobbler carries really good ball-of-foot pads in his shop. I feel I can pad these up another quarter inch. As mentioned already, if they don't work out, I can always resell them.

I have not yet pulled the trigger, but I plan to sit down and make the purchase later today. I will keep you posted!

The Nildys, in grey, multi-media

Do you ever pause, before deciding on a wardrobe purchase?


Pret a Porter P at: December 30, 2015 at 8:02 PM said...

OMG I love this post, I love reading someone else's "madness" thinking about things, I'm not "alone"!!! :) They seem to suit you, BUT at the end of the day if they're not your size you probably won't wear them and "re-sale" is not guaranteed and can be more hassle than its worth.

La Belle Demimondaine at: January 2, 2016 at 1:51 PM said...

I still have not pulled the trigger on these shoes! My pause is because there is something else I've budgeted for in early January. And realistically... I have other black high heels to wear. I don't need them, but if they're still around later this month, and they're haunting me, well... :D :D :D

I think these shoes will work for sizing. I wear a 6.5, but I size up to a 7 if I'm doing a lot of flamenco (like rehearsals or performing). A 7 is usually a little loose, but with some padding inside, my toes feel good. I like a little wiggle room, as long as the shoe stays firmly on the back of my foot.

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