Tracy Anderson Metamorphoses: Dynamic Eating Plan: Week One Recap...

In my previous post, I talked about restarting TA Metamorphoses, but mostly about the Dyamic Eating Plan.

I am starting Week Two of the Dynamic Eating Plan today.   This is a day late, for a couple of reasons:  

1.   Despite my careful measurements and conversions for the recipes, I wound up with several extra servings of the sweet potato puree, and the gazpacho, both of which I really liked.

2.   I wound up going out for dinner and/or drinks three nights this past week, as well as one lunch out.

It was much easier to stay with what I was already working with.   As of yesterday morning (Day 8), I had lost 2.5 pounds!   But this morning (after dining out late last night), I was back up 2/5 of a pound.   I think that's more from the late hour of dinner, and I expect that will be shed in the next day or so.  

Here are my observations, of the eating plan, so far:

1.   I never realized what an impact cutting out milk products would make for my appearance:  my skin looks tighter across my fat-hoarding areas:  abdomen, hips, and buttcheeks.  

2.   I did not cut out coffee, and I'm using coconut creamer (vanilla-flavored, and it is sweetened).   However... I find I'm drinking coffee more recreationally - I don't have the same caffeine cravings I had before I started this plan.

3.  Something in the carrot-parsnip puree (carrots, parsnips, chicken stock), made me ITCH.   Like, hands itching, eyelids itching, chin itching, random spots on my back and arms itching.   I ate this four days of the plan, and was able to duplicate the reaction on servings 2, 3, and 4.

I used the same chicken stock/broth in the protein soup (Better than Bouillon chicken flavor, and Swanson low-sodium chicken broth). So it's the carrots or the parsnips.   Since there were carrots in the soup, and I didn't get an itchy reaction, I have to assume the parsnips were the culprit, so I'm going to keep an eye out for this ingredient in the future, as it seems to be a popular ingredient in these hipster, southern-cuisine places that we like to visit.

4.  I hated the blueberry applesauce.   Haaaaaated it.   Not because of the apples and the blueberries - but because the daily serving was 11 ounces, and my god, that's a lot of blandness to choke down.   BUT.   I found that if I ate 8 ounces, all the 'sweet' cravings seemed to go away, and I could hoard the magic chocolate pudding for the end of the day.

5.  The magic chocolate pudding is what makes this plan work, in Week One.   Because I knew I had that pudding waiting for me, I was able to resist the temptation of chocolate or sweets in other places.   If I stopped for coffee at Starbucks (did this twice), I was able to gaze dispassionately at the cake pops, and shrug.   Because there was magic chocolate pudding waiting at home for me.

Dining out, I found it was much easier to choose better options - I made sure that a salad made up at least half of every meal.

Starting tomorrow, I am on week two, which is basically protein (eggs, turkey bacon, chicken or tuna) + fruit or vegetable carbs (berries, salad or spinach) for breakfast and dinner, and a ThinkThin protein bar for lunch.   At first, I thought this would be not nearly enough calories.  But...

Using this BMR calculator... for my ideal "fighting weight" (108-112 pounds), around 1050 maintains this weight.   And for my current weight (123.6 this morning)... 1111 calories maintains this weight.

Granted, this is under very restrictive, 'basic' activity.  Physical activity would up the amount of calories that I can eat to maintain weight.   In the past, 1300-1400 calories normally kept me feeling very energetic, and I stayed at 111-114.

So I am going to try Week Two, aka, "Body Reset" and see how it goes.   I've given myself permission to have extra chicken and extra salad if I feel like I'm hungry.

In truth, though, Louis CK really says it all, about hunger...


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