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Here is how I've been goofing off.    Here are some interesting links that caught my eye...

1)   I recently had an epiphany while folding laundry:  I wash JC's jeans on permanent press and throw them in the dryer.   I wash my jeans on a gentle cycle and hang them to dry.   Why?   Because I'm terrified I'll never find another pair of 'perfect' jeans again.  Point of fact, I am this way about everything in my closet.   I perennially overshop in search of a Holy Grail clothing item, and agonize that it isn't perfect - that the item - and myself, by extension - is not going to measure up to some barely-clarified mental standard that I hold in my own mind.   I settle for something that doesn't quite live up to my imaginary standard, then re-shop the same thing again and again and again, because there are too many choices, and I'm not satisfied with any of them.

Whereas JC just puts on his jeans and is satsified with his own hawtness.

I enjoyed this TED talk by renowned author and psychologist, Barry Schwarts, speaking about The Paradox of Choice, and how choice makes us less happy, and more dissatisfied.   At 12:10, he talks about jeans, which made me laugh.

2)   I am a huge fan of Joshua Becker, of Becoming Minimalist fame.  I'm currently reading his new book, The More of Less, and taking his 'Uncluttered' course.   It has been extremely helpful in paring down excess out of my closet, and my home.

3)   Okapi makes leather bags that are stunning and unique.  According to their site, these bags are "entirely handmade in South Africa from locally sourced materials... creating honest and sustainable job opportunities and skills growth locally".    I am obsessed!   Alas, they are out of my price range at the moment.   A girl can dream.   Maybe Santa will be good to me, down the road.

4)  Every Monday, I hop over to Miss Minimalist, and read her Real Life Minimalist series.   I really enjoyed the sense of peace and tranquility that this week's featured minimalist exudes in her words.

5)   I've written about my own experimental foray into capsule wardrobes, which didn't really go as I had imagined.  But I still remain fascinated by the concept.  I recently came across this wonderful blog by a lovely Australian, Mademoiselle.   She consistently puts together these lovely capsule wardrobes, season after season, and she always looks fabulous and put together.   I can only fume in a grudgingly admiring silence.  


Pret a Porter P at: June 14, 2016 at 5:12 PM said...

I know exactly the TED talk, definitely one of my favorites.

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