2016 has been a year of sweeping changes.   Here are all the things that have happened since my last post:

 1)  A few days after my last post, there was a shooting in JC's building.  It happened in downstairs, in a restaurant in JC's building.   This establishment had been running a drug operation  pretty much since they got their liquor license, about 18 months prior.   We were upstairs watching TV when we heard bursts of semi-automatic gunfire.   Multiple weapons were fired, and several people injured.   Nobody was killed.   Legal proceedings were started to evict this business, and there has been a hearing.   JC and I attended.   If a decision has been handed down, the residents are not yet aware of it.   

The restaurant itself  is slowly dying off, because of the combined efforts of residents, city government, and increased police presence this area.   But we are all hoping that the legal decision will be made soon, and that this restaurant will be evicted.

2)  I did three weeks of the Tracy Anderson eating plan.   I lost four pounds.  The stress of it damn near drove me crazy.  I went off the plan and eventually regained the weight.   

 Halfway through Week Three, I was walking home to JC's from my parking garage.   For two blocks, I could smell pizza.  Sweet, sweet, mouthwatering cheesy tomato goodness, wafting through the air of downtown Atlanta.   

I thought to myself, "I could kill someone for a slice right now." 

 If you had pointed to that homeless guy sitting on the corner over there, and said, "Hey, go kill that guy and I'll buy you some pizza", my only question would have been, "You wouldn't happen to have a Swiss Army knife on you, by any chance?"

I went off the plan, and by mid-May, I had gained the weight back.

I realized that if I'm going to lose weight, and keep it off, and still have friends who don't think I'm a total asshole, there has to be a balance of a salad every day, and a small splurge once a week.  Without chocolate, I am impossible to live with.

I got back on the better-eating wagon a week ago, and I've been regularly working out for about three weeks.   I have lost five pounds since Memorial Day Weekend.

3)   Tracy Anderson Metamorphosis (hip-centric) and Elemental Body Alignment System have been truly life-changing.   

 I do not receive any monies or other reimbursements for recommending either of these programs.   These are simply my own experiences and opinions.

 I'm halfway through the second series (workouts 11-20) of Metamorphosis.   It has more variations of leg-raises-and-presses-while-doing-planks than I ever dreamed existed.   I have also used more variations of swear words and phrases than I ever dreamed existed, gasping and wheezing my way through the workouts.

That being said, Tracy Anderson Metamorphosis has been, hands-down, the best body-shaping series I have ever done in my life.

I have been doing EBAS since October 2014.   I cannot recommend this system enough.  I am more flexible than I have ever been in my life!   I started out with a once-a-week class.   These days, I take class every week.   I occasionally do the video, but mostly I spend 10-60 minutes a day, doing the stretches on my own, while we watch TV.     I very rarely have any back pain or discomfort. because of these stretches and exercises. 

4)   In other news:

I am moving out of my condo later this year, because the owner wants to re-take possession.   I've been downsizing my things - clothing, dishes, furniture, books, and tchtotchkes.  I am only taking things that I absolutely love, with me.

Where will that be?   Well.  I don't know.   JC is in the middle of a career transition, and there is a slim possibility that we may end up relocating to another city, or even overseas.    Most likely, we will remain where we are.  Win-win, either way.

In the meantime, Sugar: The Musical wrapped up.   It was a fun show, with a great cast.    It was refreshing to be in a show that I wasn't also directing.   Even though this was an unpaid show, I learned a lot, which made it very worthwhile.

My flamenco teacher / theatre partner added a new program to her syllabus:   a series in which you choreograph your own, full-length solo flamenco dance piece.   I chose farruca, and I've had two lessons with her, so far.   Every lesson, I bring in a new piece of choreography that I've created, and we go over it, smooth it out, clean it up.     I love this work so much!   It is one of the most rewarding things I have undertaken.

We're also working on our next show, in January 2017.    I'll post more information about that soon.

As always, I am working on my eBay store, adding more listings.

I hope you are having a great summer!   What is new in your neck of the woods?

Here is your gratuitous music break:


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