Tracy Anderson Metamorphosis Dynamic Eating Plan: My Thoughts

I wouldn't call this a full review, as I only completed about 3.5 weeks of the twelve-week plan. These is a summary of my experience and thoughts...

Back in February, I undertook the Tracy Anderson Dynamic Eating Plan, part of the Tracy Anderson Metamorphoses.

I love/hate the Metamorphoses workouts - warts, flaws, bad cue-ing, uneven repetitions on either side, and all.   I can see the impact they've had when I take dance classes - my balance and strength are better, especially in centerwork for ballet class.

I mostly hated the eating plan.   I did it for about 25 days, before I crashed and burned.

Here are the reasons this plan did not work for me:

1.  Every other week entails time-intensive shopping, and labor-intensive food preparation.   I didn't mind this.   I thought most of the recipes were quite tasty, except that everything is mush, or slurped through a straw.

Some of the recipes triggered some milder food allergy symptoms (all-over itching, stomach swelling and mild distress).   I think parsnips and celery were among the culprits.   So.. it was trickier to stick to this part of the plan.

2.   Every other week, you are crash dieting.   I know the TA plan tries very hard to factor in 'going out', and dining with friends and family.   But if you have any sort of social life - and I was fortunate enough to have one this spring! - it's very hard to stick to.

3.   In those stringent weeks, there were times when I simply could not think clearly.   I also found that I was increasingly dependent on coffee.   I was drinking 5-6 cups a day.

At times, I hated the world.

This plan was not for me.   It is not sustainable for me, long-term.  I lost a total of seven pounds, and regained about 2.5.   My weight has pretty much stayed the same, since.

If you are thinking about starting this plan, do your research.   Read online reviews written by people who have tried it.   Think about your lifestyle:   are you willing and able to pack lunches?  (me:  yes)   Do you have the time and patience to shop and cook these ingredients from scratch?  (me:  yes)     Do you have the presence of mind to be able to abstain when you're dining out, or having a social outing with your friends?   (me:  NO).

If you try this plan, and it doesn't work out, don't beat yourself up, and don't be discouraged.   If you succeed, congratulations :)   I would love to hear about your experience!



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