Why I'm Doing The Whole30

When I go over my mental roster (or look at my friend list on Facebook), I realize that probably 8 out of 10 people that I personally know, are trying to lose weight.   Maybe 4 out of 10 are trying to increase their fitness.

I belong to both categories.

As of Friday, my weight was 124.4   I've been tracking my weight, and this seems to be a consistent pre-menstrual cycle number, over the past four months.

Hello, plateau.

I've been working out, taking dance classes, and working on my farruca solo piece.   In an average week, I get a good 6-8 hours of dance and exercise-related activity.

It's frustrating, because the weight isn't budging.   I don't eat a lot of junk food, and I don't drink sodas.  I don't eat much dairy.   I do love chocolate, and I tend to overindulge there.

Whether it's a 'good' week, or a 'bad' week, my weight sits at 124.4

My baby sister just finished the Whole30 this past week, and she had glowing things to say about it.   She lost ten pounds and several inches.   What she most loved, is that she has increased energy, and many of those mid-afternoon slumps have disappeared.   Her skin is clearer, she has less cravings, and she says she feels happier, overall.

Now, mind you, we talked continuously as she went through this process, and she did plenty of grousing and a bit of ranting for the first couple of weeks.

Ranting or no, she recommended this plan so thoroughly, I bought 'It Starts With Food" and "The Whole 30".   I'm about 2/3 through "It Starts With Food".

Not gonna lie, this is some serious reading.   Very interesting, but it gets a bit dry at times.   Overall, it does a pretty throrough job of explaining how different foods affect us psychologically (producing cravings and feelings of being rewarded, which leads to more cravings).   It also explains, at great length, how foods affect our hormonal systems, our gut, and our immune system.

All in layperson's terms.   Not an easy feat with all of the science involved!

I find this book very enlightening!   For the first time in my life, I feel like I understand how that sandwich is going to physically affect my body, or why that banana should have a hard-boiled egg accompanying it when I have a snack.

I spent five days, easing myself into this plan, before officially starting yesterday.  The ease-in was, well, easy.  My coffee still tasted sweet and delicious, and there was corn, glorious corn! on my plate.  Already I have had more energy.

These past two days have been a little tougher.   I plan to journal my experiences here.   I can tell you, there has already been some crying, some ranting, and a whole lot of swearing, mostly to myself and my sister.

Sounds great, no?   But I can already feel the improvement in my body.

Best off all, this is a sustainable nutritional plan that doesn't count calories.   So far, I have felt very satisfied in my eating.

So... here I go!   I'll be chronicling this madness in the weeks to come...

Please note that I receive no compensation, monetary or otherwise, from Whole30 or any affiliates.   My sister does not, either.   I am simply sharing my opinions, and those of my sis.


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